Retaining Wall Installation

Retaining Wall Installation

We provide design, installation, and testing for Retaining Walls, with a wide range of materials offered

Retaining Wall Installation

About the service

Retaining Walls are sophisticated engineered systems designed to meet your specific project needs. Our services include the provision of necessary design documents, crafted by a licensed engineer from your region. If local building regulations demand it, we can also offer soil and compaction tests, an engineer’s certification letter, and assistance with obtaining the necessary permits.

These walls are a popular choice for a variety of projects, including retail complexes, residential buildings, and infrastructural developments like highways. They are expertly crafted to bear the loads of structures and parking facilities.

Additionally, we can handle demolition and excavation tasks should your project require them.

We offer a wide range of materials for these walls, including Anchor Retaining Walls, Cornerstone Walls, Keystone Walls, Versa-Lok, Mesa Walls, and Redi-Rock, ensuring we have the perfect solution to match your project's aesthetic and functional needs.

What’s included

The process for installing Segmental Retaining Walls involves several key steps:

  • Preparing the site through excavation and compacting the footing area.
  • Laying down the specified base material.
  • Erecting the Segmental Retaining Wall Blocks and Caps, including the core fill as required.
  • Constructing a stone drainage column, installing a drain outlet, and laying out the drainage core as outlined in the specifications.
  • Adding Geogrid Soil Reinforcement for additional stability.
  • Compacting the fill material within the reinforced area.
  • Conducting a final clean-up to remove any construction-related debris from the site.

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