Reinforced Slope Installation

Reinforced Slope Installation

We offer tailored RSS Wall solutions, including design, installation, and material selection, with testing service

Reinforced Slope Installation

About the service

Reinforced Soil Slope (RSS) Walls are customizable, engineered solutions tailored to fit the unique demands of your project. Our offerings include the generation of essential engineering documents by a local, licensed professional. Additionally, we can conduct soil and compaction tests, provide an engineer's certification, and assist with the permitting process as dictated by your area's building regulations.

Ideal for applications such as embankments, roadway expansions, and landscaping enhancements, RSS Walls are engineered to support substantial soil and load pressures.

We are also equipped to manage any necessary demolition and site preparation work.

Our material options for RSS Walls include various geosynthetic reinforcements and a selection of facing elements to seamlessly integrate with your project's design and functional needs.

What’s included

The installation process for Reinforced Soil Slope Walls encompasses:

  • Site preparation, including excavation and grading.
  • Laying the foundation with the appropriate materials.
  • Constructing the RSS Wall with specified reinforcements and materials.
  • Implementing effective drainage solutions to ensure longevity.
  • Adding layers of geosynthetic reinforcement as per design requirements.
  • Soil compaction and backfill in accordance with engineering specifications.
  • Completing the project with a thorough clean-up of the area.

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