We use RidgeRock for its durability and aesthetics. Ensuring top-quality and efficient project execution

John Carter
Los Angeles, CA
Surface Area
1752 sqft

About the Product

We pride ourselves on utilizing RidgeRock Retaining Walls, a cornerstone of our project designs known for their unmatched durability, cost efficiency, and straightforward installation. These walls are a favorite among our engineers and architects for their proven track record and the wide range of aesthetic options they offer, allowing us to tailor each project to our clients' visions without compromising on quality or performance.

Our commitment to excellence is supported by RidgeRock's exceptional technical support team. Their readiness to assist, backed by the expertise of staff engineers, ensures smooth project execution and adherence to the highest standards from inception to completion.

RidgeRock's versatility shines through in its extensive selection of block types, face designs, textures, and colors, enabling us to achieve secure, eye-catching designs that can effortlessly reach up to 80 feet in height. This capability is especially beneficial in projects demanding both structural integrity and visual appeal.

The RidgeRock II Retaining Wall System represents the pinnacle of this technology, designed by soil retention specialists to meet the specific needs of the professional community. It features a concrete shear key and the Flexible Wing Positioning System (FWPS), ensuring stability and adaptability. Available in two facing options—Beveled Face with its distinct texture and patterns, and Straight Face with clean, precise lines—each can be customized with a variety of colors and a matching cap unit to perfectly complement any design aesthetic.

Ease of installation is another reason we choose RidgeRock II for our projects. Its 9-inch depth and manageable weight allow for a faster and more efficient installation process, a benefit that our contractors and homeowners greatly appreciate. The system's dependable unit-to-unit interlock, thanks to the patented concrete shear key, gives architects and engineers confidence in the structural integrity of the wall.

Opting for RidgeRock II means enjoying the same features and benefits as the larger RidgeRock systems but with the added advantages of easier handling and reduced costs. It's a testament to our dedication to delivering superior retaining wall solutions that meet our high standards for quality, efficiency, and aesthetic value.

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